YouTube – Google Search Story Videos

Leslie Cardinal YouTube Search Story Video Sample


I am taking an Internet business class right now and this week’s homework was to create a Google Search Mini-Video using the Story Search feature on This was a fun and creative assignment, and pretty quick to do.

You can try it too. Go to and log in with your Google or YouTube account. Follow the simple steps as the site walks you through the steps. You can choose terms such as your name or your business name, location, and keyword phrases. Then you choose the types of search results you want, such as images, search, and maps. You can even choose the type of music you want to accompany the video.

Once you have made these selections, you can preview the video, which will be a composite of the keywords you selected and the images from the Google search. When you are happy with it, you can upload the link to you blog, as I have done here. Or you can send it to people by email, or post it to social media sites. The whole process is really fun to do, and it is very quick and easy too. I hope you will try it yourself, and leave a comment here about the results!

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