Take a Class or Workshop

A great way to grow your business is to take a class or workshop  to increase your skills.   Learning can spark your energy, broaden your perspective, and help you move forward to new levels of business success. 

You have many options for learning…you can attend a class in a regular classroom setting, or you can learn in a variety of other formats. 

Your professional association can be a good source for workshops and classes.  The association meetings themselves often include an educational component, whether it is at a local meeting, or at a regional or international conference.  

Chambers of Commerce are another good learning resource.  Attending classes sponsored by the Chamber offers opportunities to network with a variety of other business owners too.

Local colleges, universities, and Community Education departments are more good sources for learning opportunities.  Browse through their class listings to see if their offering will help you expand your business skills.

Teleseminars, webinars, and home study courses are good options if you want to be able to learn from your home or your office without having to travel. 

You can also create your own classroom on the go, if you have the option to download a recording of a teleseminar, or to listen to an audiobook.   Learning from an audio recording allows you to listen while you are driving or exercising   It also lets you start and stop the recording, or go back and re-listen to a segment for more clarity. 

With all of these options for learning, which format and which topic would most help you to grow your business now?   The most successful people I know are always learning.  I hope you will join their ranks and have fun learning skills that can help your business grow! 


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