Speak to Groups to Increase Your Visibility

Another great way to grow your business is to speak for groups. You can often get this marketing strategy started in your local area.

Many business and professional groups need a speaker at every meeting. You can be that speaker! Whatever your area of knowledge or expertise, there are groups that would enjoy hearing about it. Even if you speak on a topic that doesn’t seem like a business topic, many groups like to offer a variety of programs.

To find groups to speak for, start with the groups you belong to, or that you know about. You can also ask friends and colleagues about groups they know about.

Ask to find out who the person is who is responsible for finding and coordinating speakers and programs for the group. Call and ask them if they could use another speaker to help fill their calendar. Find out if your topic would be of interest to their group. Offer to speak for them. If they say “yes” coordinate the date and time and location with them. Then plan your talk to provide lots of useful information within the timeframe they allow for speakers. Practice your talk, create a handout that includes your name and contact information, and have something to offer as a way to stay connected with people in the audience who may be interested.

Bottom line…speaking is an excellent way to increase your visibility and to meet new people who may be interested in what you do. And this makes it a great way to help grow your business!

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