Reach Out To A Business Colleague To Ask for, or To Offer Help or Support

One of the challenges of running a small business can be a bit of isolation. This is especially true if you work from home. When challenges or just a low moment happens, it can really help to reach out to ask for help or support. Or to offer help and support if you know that a colleague is experiencing a tough time.

A smart strategy is to develop relationships with a few business friends that you can call when you need that extra word of encouragement or a caring ear to listen. And of course it is good to return the favor when your colleague needs a bit of help or encouragement too.

1. Think of two or three people who could be this type of person in your business life. Choose people that you feel you can trust with your thoughts and feelings and who understand what it is like to be a business owner.

2. Call and talk with them about this idea, to see if they are open to it and willing to be this type of resource person for you.

3. Stay in touch regularly with these business friends during the good times too, not just when challenges arise. Develop this type of business friendship–it can be rewarding and enjoyable for you and for them. Look for ways to encourage and cheer each other on to achieve success.

Having someone to talk with about the ups and downs of business can help you to grow your business…it gives you a way to talk things through, and someone to listen with a caring heart that can help you move forward.

I would love to hear if you have these types of colleagues in your business life already. You can post a comment below if you like.

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