Plan Time for Tech Learning–Part Two

In the last post, I shared the first three tips for including time for technical learning in your week as a strategy for growing your business. I promised more in this post. Here are some strategies that have helped me find greater enjoyment and less resistance to the process of learning tech-y things. See if they might be useful for you too:

4. Ask for a bit of help from a friend, colleague, neighbor, (or teenager) who has the technical knowledge you want to learn. Sometimes they can help you with a quick answer, or they may be able to guide you to a good resource. Be willing to return the favor and help them in some way, or at least express your gratitude and appreciation.

5. Try shifting your mindset. Look at the tech learning process as an ongoing exploration and adventure, part of staying current, a way to keep your mind agile and flexible, and part of keeping your business moving forward.

6. Keep things in perspective. Generally, you don’t need (or want) to be out on the extreme leading edge of technology, but you don’t want to be completely out of the flow either. And it is easier to keep taking small steps forward with your technical learning than to stop and then have to make a big effort to catch up!

So I am wondering…what is the next little tech-y thing you will learn this week? And I would love to know your favorite way to learn new technical things or to stay current with tech-y things! I invite you to share a comment about this.

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