Outsource Some Small Tasks

Every couple of months it is smart to take a look for another task or two that you could outsource. Even small tasks can make a difference, because it frees up your time and energy for your core business tasks.

There is another, sometimes unexpected, benefit to outsourcing some tasks, and that is the mental relief or even the excitement you can feel when you get some help with tasks that are not your best or favorite things to do yourself.

Take a look to see if you have some tasks that would be good outsourcing candidates such as data entry, submitting articles to article banks, organizing papers, phone calls, email, follow-up letters, cleaning out old papers and magazines, shredding, etc.

You can often find good people in your local area who can help you with these tasks. Ask colleagues if they know someone who could use some extra work. Perhaps there is a retired person or a stay-at-home mom in your neighborhood who would like some freelance work. Or there may be a reliable college student would like some extra work.

Even two to four hours of help from a freelance assistant can help you grow your business! What task can you begin to outsource this month?

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