Mastermind with Business Colleagues

An excellent technique for growing your business is to find one or more business colleagues to mastermind with.  Choose people that you like and trust.  This is important so you can be open and talk about your business and your goals and your challenges.

Choose a regular time to mastermind together, perhaps once a week or every two weeks.  You can meet in person or by telephone.  Be sure each person has the same amount of  time to talk about their goals and to get ideas and support for moving forward.

Believe in each others’ goals the ability to achieve them.  Help each other with ideas and encouragement and suggestions about people and resources that may be helpful.  You can be accountability partners for each other too.

Between mastermind meetings, hold a vision of your mastermind partners’ success, just as you envision your own success.  Keep your eyes and ears open for information or resources that may help your partners.

Express your appreciation for your mastermind partners, celebrate wins, and cheer each other on to new levels of success.  Having a mastermind partner can be a big factor in your success!

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