Listening to books to soak up new ideas quickly and easily

I just finished reading a book that I found very helpful.  Well, technically, I listened to it….it was an audio book recorded on CDs that I had checked out from the public library.  Listening to audio books is one of my favorite ways to “read”  books.  Here are some ways you might choose to experiment with listening to audio books too. 

1. It is easy to listen to audio books while doing daily tasks.  You can listen while doing simple business tasks such as starting your computer, filing, or driving to networking events or appointments.   Since these types of tasks are part of most entrepreneurs’ weeks anyway, you can add the pleasure and the benefits of learning something new or interesting to the process too.  You may find as I do that you can listen to at least one complete book each week, and sometimes more. this way.  That’s 52 books each year which can give you a lot of great knowledge, ideas and inspiration!   I also slip in a few mp3 audios into the mix too–usually from teleclasses I want to listen to.

2. If you also enjoy fiction or books on other non-business topics, try listening to business-related audio books during the day, and personal books in the evenings and on weekends.  This system has worked very well for me. You may find that it gives you a nice blend of both personal and business reading each week. 

3. You can often find good audiobooks at your local library, either directly or through Interlibrary Loan programs.  Finding audio books through the library  rather than purchasing them can help you keep your book  expenses lower.  You can save money by only purchasing books or audio books that you really want to add to your personal collection of business books.

Coaching action tip:  The next time you hear about a good book recommendation, see if you can find the audio book version through your local library.  Try listening to it while you do simple tasks.  If you enjoy it, make audio books a regular method for enhancing your professional knowledge and skills.

If you have a favorite business-related audio book title, I invite you to post it to the comment section below.  Let us know the title, the author, and perhaps a sentence or two about how you found the audio book information to be useful in growing  your business!  We will alll benefit from the titles you share!


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