Grow Your Business: Have Alternate Activities You Can Do

I woke up with a migraine headache yesterday morning.  This happens every so often and it can really affect my plans for the day.  Fortunately, I was able to take some meds and I gradually felt somewhat better by early afternoon.  But my schedule and plans for the morning required some major adjustments.

I felt able to listen in to a CEU teleclass as planned, sitting with a cup of tea and taking notes.  And I was able to check my email inbox and to make a couple of simple phone calls.  But I did have to cancel out on a networking meeting that I wanted to attend.  And I wasn’t feeling well enough to write articles or make marketing calls that I had hoped to do during that time.

The good news in all of this is that I work from home, and that I am self-employed.  I am very grateful that this gives me the flexibility to adjust my schedule and my activities when I need to, to accommodate a challenge like a headache.

Do you face similar challenges in your life and business?  I hope you don’t have migraines, but you may have other  challenges that can occur from time to time.  It may be that your child gets sick and needs to be picked up from school early, or that your elderly parent  needs assistance, or that your car has a flat tire that must be fixed.  The question is:  How you can still take action to grow your business even when these types of events occur?”

Coaching Action Tip:  Identify a few tasks that you could do or adjustments you could make for times when you can’t do what you originally planned to do.  For example, have a book that you can take with you while you wait at the doctor’s office.  Have an audio file on your portable mp3 player that you could listen to.  Take a few minutes to dream and visualize your business goals and to feel the feelings of excitement and satisfaction that you will feel when you achieve your goals.  Even if you cannot do the exact tasks that you had originally planned to do, there are often some actions that you may be able to do, that will still help you to move forward toward your overall business success.

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