Grow Your Business by Speaking for Groups

Another great way to grow your business is to be a speaker for groups in your area.  Many groups need a speaker or program for every meeting.  By contacting these groups and offering yourself as a speaker you are helping them to accomplish their mission.  And it can have many benefits for you and your business too.

For example, speaking helps to establish you as a credible expert in your topic area.  It gives people an opportunity to hear you and see you.  It provides people with the chance to interact with you, through questions, feedback, or talking with you before or after the meeting.

It brings you in contact with many people that you might not have met any other way.  And each of your talks can lead to people who are ready to do business with you, or who may be able to refer other people to you.  And they may know of other groups for which you could speak.

Speaking lets you share examples of the ways that your business can help people, especially when you weave this information into an example or a story as part of your talk.

Start with groups that you may already belong to.  Ask if they have meetings on the schedule that still need to have a speaker arranged.  Offer to speak to the group.  Ask if there are particular topics that they would like you to address.

Ask people you know if they are aware of groups that need a speaker occasionally.  Follow-up with these leads to see if you can provide the type of topic the group wants, on the days and times when they need a speaker.

Practice your talk with a friend and then deliver your talk to the group and you are on your way!

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