Grow Your Business By Setting Your Priorities

This week I had a couple of family priorities that required my time….things that required appointments during the regular “work day” hours.  So that meant juggling my business commitments to fit around these appointments.

Do you find that this happens to you sometimes too?  A lot of us who work from home have family commitments that are important.  In fact, that may be one of the big reasons that you are self-employed…so that you have the freedom to flex your schedule to meet your family’s needs, sometimes on short notice!

The secret to making this work is to set clear priorities within your business.  This will help you know which projects are at the top of your list for action, and which may need to occasionally wait, if necessary.

To clarify your priorities, ask yourself which one or two projects would most help you reach your big business goals this year.  Your goal is to fit in at least one tiny action each day to move these top projects forward.  And there will be some days when a small step may be all that you can accomplish that day.  You will still be moving forward!

You can add another level of strength to this by checking in with an accountability partner about the key action you will focus on each day.  You can send each other an email or a voicemail or actually talk by telephone to tell them what one main task you will focus on each day.  Then the next day, tell them briefly about your progress on that task, and declare the task you will focus on that day.

Coaching Action Tip:  Focus on this combination of setting clear priorities, choosing a key project, taking at lest one action on it each day, and checking in with an accountability partner.  This will really help to propel you forward every day.  This is true even on days when part of your time is devoted to family or household commitments.  Hooray!

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