Grow Your Business Now–Find a Business Buddy

As we continue our series about great techniques to grow your business, I’d like to encourage you to use the technique of finding a business buddy.  Let me explain what I mean. 

A business buddy is another business person who wants to grow their business too.  The basic idea is to plan ways to work together to grow their business as well as yours. 

One easy way to do this is to set up an accountability check-in process.  This can be a quick phone call during which each of you states what your top actions or priorities are for the day.  Or even for the next hour.  Then you each take action and then do another quick check in at the end of the time to celebrate the progress you each have made. 

Another great way to work with a business buddy is to send your buddy a list of your top goals for the next month or quarter.  And then encourage and cheer each other on as you make progress in completing the list.

The main goal is to choose someone that you trust, and someone who is positive, encouraging, and believes that you both can achieve your goals, like a good mastermind partner.  You may even want different buddies for different types of projects you are working on.

Having a business buddy can help you feel energized and not so isolated in your work.  This is especially helpful if you work from home or have a one-person business.

Coaching Action Tip:  Think of one or two people who might be good business buddies for you.  Talk with them about the idea to see if they are interested.  I hope you will let me know how you apply this idea to help you grow your business!

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