Coaching Services

As your business coach, I can help you achieve the professional success AND the fulfilling life that you desire. Let’s talk to see if we should work together!

When we coach together, I will support you with leadership and business techniques, ideas, models, examples, and resources to help you as you grow professionally.  I will also share encouragement, energy, caring, a sense of humor, excitement, acknowledgment, and a deep belief in you. This kind of coaching and support can help you to accelerate your professional development.  You deserve to have these resources and benefits as you grow!

You can tap into the benefits of Coaching Services
in several ways:

Two Coaching Sessions per month

Many of my clients prefer to have two coaching sessions each month. This provides regular access to the benefits of coaching, time in between to take action and make progress, and email support between sessions when needed.

Three or Four Coaching Sessions per month

This option is excellent for clients who are working on focused or intense projects. It is also perfect for clients who are launching new aspects of their business and want extra support.

Group Coaching Services

Group coaching for two or more people is a great way to get the benefits of coaching and the support of colleagues at a less expensive rate than individual coaching.

Get Clients Now!â„¢

The Get Clients Now!â„¢ program is designed to help business owners and independent professionals design a tailored strategy to build their businesses. I am certified to work with you individually or in groups using this program.

Mentor Coaching Services

This option is available for coaches who want to refine their coaching skills, or work towards professional coaching certification.

“Coach On Call” Service

For former clients, single coaching sessions are available on an “as needed” basis. This can quickly assist you with moving forward and taking action.

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions area available to help generate fresh ideas and possible options to address a specific challenge you may be facing.

Free “Maximize Your Success” Strategy Session

If you are excited about your dreams and goals, let’s talk! I offer a free “Maximize Your Success” Strategy Session.  We will discuss your goals and identify several steps you can take now to move forward to achieve them. Email today or call me at 210-496-3304 so we can plan a time to talk!

I first saw Leslie in action at a professional workshop and liked her immediately. I took her up on the offer of a free half-hour session and confirmed my first impression. Encouraging, but not pushy, enthusiastic, but not saccharin, she is sharp, quick, funny, and ready with a seemingly endless supply of tips, quotes, and resources to nourish my dreams.

Jana Orsinger, MA, RD