Planning Retreats are Wonderful!

Hi! Have you ever taken a planning retreat, in a beautiful place, with time to think about your professional and personal goals, with great coaching support throughout the process?  And, with plenty of time to relax, eat great food, and even get some spa-type pampering, too? I returned late last night from a delightful business planning retreat just like this.  The location for the retreat was the beautiful Casa Luna Bed and Breakfast in Tucson, Arizona.  Check out these pictures:                                   The retreat was with my coach and with the four other women in my Platinum Coaching Group.  Each of us received lots of personalized coaching, and time to plan our next professional steps.  … {Continue Reading… }

Are you a leader of leaders? Are you making some changes?

Hi!  Happy summertime! I am excited to start blog posts again, to talk with you, and to share ideas and resources. Are you like many of my clients… a successful leader of leaders, who is ready to make some changes?   I would love to hear about the changes and challenges and opportunities that you are seeing now! Several of my clients are mid-level leaders who are making big professional changes now.  Some are staying in their organizations and…     starting a new job     leading a new project or a new team     managing after a merger or acquisition     … {Continue Reading… }

Ready to Grow Your Business Now?

Special Announcement — Mastermind Coaching Group starting next week! Which of these goals are YOU ready to achieve? Get and keep more customers Make more money Accelerate your business growth Clarify your key success factors Develop great referral partners Stay focused on your top priorities Have more free time for family and fun Join The Mastermind Coaching Group to help you achieve your goals Faster and Easier! It starts next week on Wednesday, May 2 at 9:30 a.m.!! To register, just call 210-496-3304. Here’s how the Mastermind Coaching Group works: Starts Wednesday May 2, 2007 Meets twice each month by … {Continue Reading… }

It happens this Thursday, December 7…

Do you want to add a new revenue source to your business? I have an invitation for you. You may know that I have been learning how to teach teleseminars in my business as a way to add a new revenue stream. Leading teleseminars could be a possible revenue stream for your business too! My absolute favorite mentor in this area is Alex Mandossian. And he is teaching an intro teleseminar this Thursday, December 7, about how to create and lead teleseminars and make money doing it. I would love for you to be on this call along with me, … {Continue Reading… }

What refreshes and re-energizes you and your business?

The last week of August is a natural time of change. Even though the weather is still very hot here in central Texas, it won’t last much longer (hooray!). It is time for fall and cool breezes, fresh energy, and new projects for your business. In the U.S., the Labor Day weekend marks this transition time. For many business people, it can be a great time to take a few days off to refresh and re-energize. If possible, take a long holiday weekend or even a full week for yourself if you can, especially if you haven’t taken much time … {Continue Reading… }

5 Ways That Taking a Class Can Help You Build Your Business

If you are a small business owner, a great way to grow your business and to get more clients is to take a class or a workshop. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from a class or workshop… 1. Expand your knowledge. You can quickly learn new ideas and concepts in a short amount of time, rather than the more challenging path of learning only from the trial and error of daily experience. 2. Build skills. A class will often include information about actions you can take to apply the concepts you are learning. You can choose … {Continue Reading… }

Who are your business Mastermind Partners?

Do you belong to a Mastermind group?  Or, have you chosen some people to be your mastermind partners?  This can be a great way to accelerate the achievement of your business goals. My mastermind partners are an important part of my business, especially as a solopreneur.  I feel blessed to be part of two formal mastermind groups right now and they have been very helpful to me.  I have started several mastermind groups and have belonged to others during the past twenty years.  You may want to find or create a mastermind group for yourself.  Here are some ideas to get … {Continue Reading… }

What is your favorite networking starter question?

It was great to see several of you at the Get Clients Now! (TM) overview workshop last night at Borders Bookstore!  I am so glad you could join me for the event!  Thanks to the SAPCA coaches who attended too! We included a couple rounds of networking in the workshop and it was fun to see the energy as people met and talked with the other people at the event. That got me to thinking about meeting new people at networking events… I get tired of the old standard “What do you do?” question.  You too?  I have been experimenting with some alternatives, and … {Continue Reading… }

Do you want a continuous stream of clients and prospects?

Join me for a free workshop and networking event that I am leading this Thursday evening to help you get more clients!  Please forward this info to your business friends and colleagues who might like to attend too. You will discover: six great marketing methods that really work an easy four step process that you can use over and over  tips to tailor the methods to fit your business and your style action steps that will help you get more prospects and clients  If you will be in the San Antonio area this Thursday evening, I hope you will join us for this exciting … {Continue Reading… }

Welcome to Cardinal Success Tips!

Hi and welcome to Cardinal Success Tips! Are you a small business owner or independent professional who wants to market and grow your business? If so, these tips are designed for you! You may have been on this list for quite a while, or you may be new to this list. Either way, welcome! I look forward to getting to know you better and to sharing information that will be valuable to you. My goal with this blog is to provide you with tips, resources, ideas, links, examples, and encouragement that you can use to… be more visible to your … {Continue Reading… }