Attract More Clients: How to Find Them and How They Find You

I was taking a business class last week and one of the ideas that
really caught my attention was that if you have 100 core ideas
you may be able to build a revenue stream or even a whole
business around it. That got me to thinking about one of the
favorite topics that I coach and teach my clients about, and that
is ways to grow your business and attract more clients.

I started to think about whether I have, or could create, one
hundred or more ideas on this topic. I found that I already have
a pretty big list of ideas on this topic, and I decided it would
be a great goal to aim for one hundred. So, I am going to start
building this list of ideas, techniques, books, resources, and
strategies. And I would like to share some of those ideas with
you as I build the list. Let’s start with one today, to help you
grow your business.

This technique is a simple one, but don’t underestimate it
because it can be very powerful. And it is always a great place
to start when you want to attract more customers and clients.
To do this, open your calendar and your client files, and look at
the past six to twelve months to see all the clients you have
served. Make a list of all of the different ways they have found
you, or you have found them. For example, did you receive
referrals from current or past clients? Did you meet them at
networking meetings? Did you give talks and speeches or teach a
class? Did they find you through a Google search online? List

Then, analyze your list to see what you can learn from it. Which
methods brought the most clients? Which methods did you enjoy
most? Which methods were your least favorites? Which methods
were the most and least expensive? Which methods were the
easiest for you to use? And, which were the most difficult or
complex to use?

After you have analyzed your list of the various ways that
customers and clients have come to you, you can begin to see
which methods might be good to expand and do more of, and which
methods you may want to do less of in the future. Identify the
top three methods that are working best for you. Look to see if
you might be able to attract more clients by doing more of these
methods, or by giving them more emphasis. By focusing on the
things that are working well for you, you may be able to attract
more clients more easily than by having to invest time and effort
to experiment with something completely new.

I would love to know what you discover when you try this
technique. Which methods are working best for your business to
attract clients to you now?

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